A shared love for dogs & watches helped discover this windy city Adventurer & Planner

Editor’s Note: This is the third in an eleven-part blog series sharing some behind-the-scenes moments with each of the profiles in the book, Dare Mighty Things: A Field Guide for Millennial Entrepreneurs!

I first learned of Chase Fancher and the Oak & Oscar Watch Co. because of our shared love for dogs and timepieces. Just about two years ago, I landed on his website while sitting on my couch looking for a way to pay tribute to our dog Carter, who had recently left us after more than 15 years of companionship. Because I use watches to commemorate important events, I was looking for a new one, and Chase’s site caught my eye with these words: 

Chase has always had a soft spot for dogs - heck, his first word was his dog's name!  The furry beasts are so important to him that he's dedicated a portion of his profits to One Tail at a Time, a local Chicago rescue group dedicated to dogs in need.”

With that, I placed an order for my first Oak & Oscar watch, The Burnham. Several weeks later I found myself in downtown Chicago with a group of like-minded watch fans, attending the inaugural event to distribute The Burnham to those who were adventurous enough to pre-order, sight unseen, and from a first time watchmaker.  I was wearing an amazing new watch, holding a bourbon and chatting with this incredibly interesting guy who had just quit his job to become a watchmaker.

  The Jackson is the third edition of Oak & Oscar series is now available!

The Jackson is the third edition of Oak & Oscar series is now available!

Today, when I’m asked to speak about what millennial entrepreneurs can do in today’s world, I love highlighting Chase’s story as a perfect example of someone who discovered his passion to living his dream. Here’s a guy who was well on his way to a lucrative real estate career, earning regular promotions, but kept finding himself doodling watch faces in the margins of his notebooks. Chase was a regular guy committed to daring a bit more, and making no little plans!

As it relates to the book, Dare Mighty Things: A Field Guide for Millennial Entrepreneurs, Chase holds a very special place in my heart.  You see, Chase’s story continued to resonate with me years after our first meeting.  Eventually, I realized this was a story that others might also appreciate.  He became the first interview.  In fact, he was the test interview.

Inside the field guide you’ll read how Chase and I met inside a fancy eatery in New York City. Chase was in the process of promoting the release of his second watch, The Sandford, and I was in the process of figuring out if I could weave together a book from a series of interviews. I was nervous as hell.  I was convinced Chase was going to see me for the fraud I feared I was, toss a beer in my face and storm out.  Instead, the conversation led to the chapter which led to the publisher which led to the green light for the book.  So, yeah Chase has earned a very unique spot.

We had a great chat that evening. We shared stories, drank beer and I listened to him tell me again how he put his plan in place over the course of five years.  The thing I remember most about the interview, was realizing how extensive the research and planning were that went into his business.  I was surprised and impressed by the deliberate process that went alongside the willingness to take a risk.  It was during this interview that the concept of the personas appeared and I realized they were the key to interpreting the interviews in the book. But, you really need to read the whole story on Chase to get the full picture.  

This past weekend, I purchased my third Oak & Oscar limited edition watch – The Jackson. Instead of keeping this one for my collection, I’m giving it away to a lucky book buyer who seeks to Dare Mighty Things like Chase and I.  

Starting today, through October 30, 2017, if you order a copy of Dare Mighty Things from www.tm-smith.com. When you do, be sure to enter the code: JACKSON when checking out.  Each book purchased will earn one entry in a raffle to win this amazing, limited edition, third installment from Oak & Oscar.  

On October 31, 2017, I’ll pick one lucky person to receive this amazing watch for you to wear as a tangible, daily reminder to dare mighty things and achieve your own entrepreneurial dream.  

If you just can’t wait or you don’t like the odds, I’m sure that Chase will be glad to take a preorder on his site. (oak and oscar website).  The first two editions of the Oak & Oscar watches have sold out, and I have no doubt this one will sell out as well, which demonstrates the accomplishments Chase has made over the past five years.

Put in the code PINKBIKE when you order it so he knows you’re a fellow daredevil!

PS: Today I proudly wear my Burnham in memory of Carter, but Colleen and I have since brought a new companion into our house. Below is Max, the adopted/rescued black lab who helps us stay on our toes.